Below are all the topics covered for the Year 2 Applied Maths A-Level course.

The Year 2 Applied A-level is split into Statistics and Mechanics. The topics have been broken down with corresponding legacy exam Questions and their mark schemes, both carefully edited to the new AS level 2018 Specifications. The topics have been organised so as to make it easier for teachers and students to assess them.

There are two sets of Exam Questions, from 2005 to 2011 and from 2012 to 2018. ‘Solutions’ are detailed written solutions and ‘MS’ are the edited mark schemes for each Exam Questions.

‘Exam Style Qs’ will have questions on any new topics which were not in the old A level Specifications. They will compensate the legacy ‘Exam Qs’

Students who need more help on particular topics can access more practice questions in ‘Extra Practice’


All of the exam questions on the website are under copyright, held by the exam board Edexcel. I have drawn mostly on resources which have been made publicly online with the intention of abiding by the ‘fair use’ principle for educational purposes. They are certainly not for any financial gain