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About Me

I am a Mathematics teacher working at St Marks Catholic School, offering private maths tuition mainly in West London covering KS2, KS3, GCSE and A level (including all the applied modules and Further Maths)

I have tutored numerous students over the years from Year 3 to A level Further Maths, with a range of ability levels. All students which I have tutored have improved massively. I have helped numerous students who were getting ‘U’ (which means ‘fail’ in A level) in their mock exams and they later went on to achieve a grade A in their final A level exams. Last year I helped two A level students in getting a grade A in their mechanics exams who initially got a ‘U’ in their mock exams. Another student I helped got a final grade A in all her A level modules after getting a grade D in her last exams. I can guarantee at least 2 grades up with consistent lessons.

As I teach in secondary school, I know the curriculum in depth and what is expected from students to pass their final exams including the most efficient strategies and shortcuts to tackle exam questions. In addition, I use a bank of resources including practice exam style papers other than from the usual exam boards.  I usually get all my students to practice slightly harder exam questions so that when it comes to exams, they found the exam questions much easier! I also write my own exam questions, based on the new curriculum changes and on recent examinations, which are slightly harder and require problem solving skills, which my students often find very beneficial. Also when it comes to A level exams, I often make accurate predictions. Last year I correctly predicted 2 questions in the mechanics paper, which proved invaluable for all my students!

I have been tutoring students from comprehensive, grammar and boarding schools and some of them are now in Oxbridge.

A little about me, I am very passionate about mathematics and I was always drawn to numbers since I was a child. During my secondary education, I received a gold medal in being the top in maths in my school. I went on to study a maths related degree at university and graduated with a 1st class degree. I also earned a Top paper prize (I came out first out of 100+ international schools) in one of my modules at international level. I worked as a financial trader and a sports trader for some independent firms for many years. In 2012, I was awarded the ‘Betview Award for the Best Manager’ across the UK and Ireland. I always felt the need to share my passion about mathematics and I felt drawn to teaching the subject so I went to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education.

I’m a massive maths geek with a passion of spreading mathematics and create more mathematicians!

Please note that I do not tutor existing St Marks’ students